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...just want to share info about a site: by a gentleman over in Cornwall. This guy knows the essence few understand! Especially, I thought I'd draw your attention to an article he has there, entitled 'Surfing Into Spirituality,' by Bron Taylor. Dig. -Zero

Mission Statement

To make the finest bellyboards in the world with respect to performance and style, look and feel, material and spiritual.

Paipo Glide bellyboards are a blend of ancient and modern. Building on the forms and shapes laid down by Polynesian and Melanesian ancients, the lines and the flow of sharks, together with reference to the shaper's Cornish surfing heritage, artistic and spiritual inspiration has resulted in some of the most beautiful board shapes of the present.

Paipo Glide boards are completely unique as they are shaped by hand, and because of this they possess soul. The planing, the sanding, the sighting, the hefting, the oiling, the pleasure and the love experienced by the shaper in the boards creation, the pang of sorrow when the board leaves. All these things become almost a religious ceremony that has to impart something to the board, that contains a past, a present and a future. The past honouring the ancient hawaiian shapers of the papa he'e nalu but also the history of the wood and the tree that gave it. The present, the creation of the board form with respect to the past but containing the essence of the artist shaper. The future, the rides that are to come for the next generations as the board is passed down and forms a link to those past. The hope that trees,surfing and surfers will still go on.

Paipo Glide are striving to return soul and spirituality to the surf experience, to pare down the paraphanalia and return simplicity to the art of surfing. To make boards that make the surfer shout with joy as they glide with the wave. To touch nature.

Against the grain, with ancient flow.


I tried my hand at making a classic cornish bellyboard on Friday, sourced some wood on Satuday and made 3 bellyboards to take to the world championships on Sunday. 2 of them ended up as prizes with one going to the eventual World Bellyboard Champion - Jack Johns. I'm keeping the third for myself! So I'm going to continue making these little beauties - order them from the main site



The paipo board

Based on the ancient Hawaiian prone bodyboard


Hand plane

Random Name

The handplane

Each handplane is created by hand

No Paipo Glide handplane is identical


Random Name


The classic Cornish bellyboard

Introduced to Cornwall by Andys ancestors after WW1


Paipo Glide
Ancient and modern!

Paipo Glide hand planes

Hand plane

Unique hand shaped hand planes.








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